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 Berklee College of Music - INFO SESSION

Interested in a music university, and want to get the inside scoop on the admissions process and college experience? Want to hear from current and past students, and all about both prestigious, classical, and contemporary music programs?

Perseverance: Inspiring Herself and Others

An exclusive addition to FA2H's Free Music School Webinar Series, featuring Lucy Wang! Having performed at Carnegie Hall and amassing over 50k instagram followers and 50 million views, Lucy is an inspiration to all musicians! 

If you want to view a recording of Lucy's webinar, please email

The Juilliard School- INFO SESSION

Bronwyn Schuman has been teaching piano since she was fifteen years old, when she was hired by the music studio walking distance from her parents’ home. As a young teacher, she faced difficulties in her first few years of teaching, from choosing resources, to encountering different learning styles, to facing discomfort when teaching students who were old enough to be her parents, and more!

If you want to view a recording of Bronwyn's webinar, please email


Seeking to bring the Visual Arts to the remote environment, Hey Lovely Soul has been developed in its first phase through of the Zoom Platform, and has been aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12.

More Coming Soon!

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