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Art Competition Winners

After reviewing an astounding amount of artwork, we are so proud to showcase the winners of FA2H's 2023 "Beyond the Surface" Art Competition Winners! Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to reviewing more amazing works next year!

Charlie Anderson

IMG_20230129_193125 - Tanuj Samaddar.jpg

Tanuj Samaddar

1st Place

Charlie Anderson (15) 

My name is Charlie Andersen, I am sixteen years old. I was born in Barrie, Ontario and moved to Calgary when I was 4. Since I can remember, I have been using art to communicate my emotions, my thoughts and my imagination. Through quarantine, I spent hours at my art table, making art of whatever popped into my head (this is probably one of the only things that kept me sane during lockdown). Like many, quarantine took a toll on my mental health. I began to make drawings and paintings of how I felt, using my creativity as an outlet for my feelings. Thanks to the help of my family, specifically my older sister, for always encouraging me to push myself in my art, I am here, creating art in hope of making others happy. I am over the moon to have won this competition, as I never thought it would have ever happened.

Tanuj Samaddar is an aspiring Indianartist, illustrator and designer. He started creating artworks from an early age of 2 years, such was his passion towards creativity. Over the years he continued practising art with limited guidance and resources. By the time he attained teenage hood Tanuj started achieving some big milestones in the field of Fine Arts. He started participating in many competitions at all levels ( regional, national and international) and made his mark in those competitions. By now he has amassed over 45 International awards and 75+ National Awards in the field of Fine Arts.

Tanuj Samaddar (17) 

2nd Place

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