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Lesson Policy


Lessons will now be organized and paid for by the season. There will be 4 seasons a year (Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter). The calendar shows the scheduled breaks. Lessons typically happen once a week, and each season consists of 11 lessons, with a 1-3 week break within the season.


Students are expected to commit to the full season, and may only choose to discontinue lessons after the season is over (more information below). Parents must let us know whether they choose to continue lessons before the new season begins.

Payment Policy

At the beginning of each season, a one-time payment of 110.00 CAD must be paid to cover the 11 lessons within the season. If you start mid-season, you pay for the remaining lessons in the season. Lessons will only before after we have received your payment.

If you reside in Canada, send an e-transfer to

If you reside outside Canada, send us your payment using PayPal here: 


If the parent has requested a bursary, no payment is necessary.

Bursary Students

All students requesting a bursary (i.e. free lessons) are required to pay a deposit of 110.00 CAD before each season. This deposit will be refunded in full at the end of the season provided that all policies are followed.

Each policy violation (e.g. missing a lesson without notifying the teacher at least 24 hours in advance) will result in 10.00 CAD being deducted from the refunded deposit.


If you choose to discontinue lessons, you must notify the teacher of the cancellation at least 24 hours before the 4th lesson begins to get a refund of the remaining balance. Otherwise, any unused costs will not be refunded. We will NOT be giving refunds past the 4th lesson. 


Missed lessons should be rescheduled to another time if possible. If you know that there is a lesson that you will be missing, and do not wish to reschedule it (eg. going on vacation), you must let us know before the 4th lesson in order for us to provide a refund for that lesson.

Reschedule or Cancel Lessons

A lesson can be rescheduled only if the teacher is notified more than 24 hours in advance of the lesson time, unless there is an explanation for the emergency cancellation and the teacher is willing to accommodate. 

Please contact your child’s teacher directly about any changes or reschedules.

Notify the teacher if there are changes in time or if your child will be absent for a lesson 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time.

If notified any time after 24 hour to the scheduled lesson time, the teacher has the right to not reschedule the lesson, and we will not be providing a refund. 

Lessons may be rescheduled to any day within the season, including days filled in orange

Note: we will unfortunately not be able to provide a refund for any cancelled lessons unless you tell us at the beginning of the season before the lesson refund deadline.

Showing Up Late Online

The teacher will be waiting for you in the Zoom meeting for 10 minutes. If you do not show up, they will leave and you will not be receiving a refund for the lesson. If you would like to reschedule, you must discuss this with the teacher. 

COVID-19 Safety

Sanitize the piano/keyboard before the lesson

Students and teachers must wash their hands or use hand-sanitizer before the class begins and immediately after the class ends

If one party requests for masks to be worn, it is expected that everyone follows those requests.

Try to stay at a safe distance if possible (although this may be quite difficult).

Avoid direct contact with each other (eg. teacher brings own stationary and has the student handle their own scores and notebooks).

If either the teacher or student is feeling sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, they MUST inform the other immediately. If either side does not feel comfortable with in-person lessons, it is expected that there is either an agreement to switch to online lessons temporarily or reschedule the lesson. 

If you do not feel safe in your learning or teaching environment, let us know immediately by contacting the email below and we will do our best to resolve the issue

Enrollment Deadline

If you wish to re-enroll in our piano program as a returning student, please send and email to and E-transfer a total of $110.00 to PRIOR TO the first day of the season.

Questions and Concerns

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