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Calling all artists!

Interested in winning up to $200 in prize? Join FA2H's 2023 "Beyond the Surface" art competition! The prompt for this year's competition is : Highlight something often unnoticed. The deadline for this competition is on January 29th at 11:59pm MDT. Good luck to all applicants and be creative!

Contest Rules:

  • The contest is open to anyone ages 12-17.

  • Entries are accepted starting on November 14th at 8:00pm MDT. Submissions close January 29th, 2023, at 11:59pm MDT. Any submissions after this time will not be accepted.

  • All artwork must be original. Please do not use any copyrighted material, including characters from cartoons or movies. 

  • The artwork must be 2D. There are no size restrictions and participants can use any medium for their artwork. Digitally drawn artworks will not be accepted

  • Artwork will be disqualified if it is deemed offensive. Any artwork that does not comply with all of the contest rules will also be disqualified.

  • All entries must include a progress picture of the student creating the art work. This picture will not be shared on any platforms and will be used only for verification purposes. It must clearly include the student with their uncompleted artwork.

  • Registration is free, students may only enter once for this contest.  

  • All students must provide the contact information of their parent/guardian. 

  • The entry must comply with the prompt. 

 From Art to Heart Society will contact all winners and their   parent/guardian before announcing the results.

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